The WHITES Snow Plough is a great option for snow clearing with your Skid Steer. The blade can be angled left or right to clear as required.

  • Sprung kick boards fold back on impact
  • 4 way angle design
  • Hydraulic or manual swivel options
  • Replaceable wear edge


Part NumberWidth (mm)Width (Inches)Suitability
DO-3H-1400140055Skid Steer
DO-3H-1525152560Skid Steer
DO-3H-1680168066Skid Steer
DO-3H-1780178070Skid Steer
DO-3H-1850185073Skid Steer
DO-3H-1980198078Skid Steer
DO-3H-2135213584Skid Steer
DO-3H-2365236593Skid Steer