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  • Built to KLAC specifications
  • Models for 0.75T – 7.0T machines 
  • HB240 boron welded cutting edge
  • Two-piece side panel construction
  • Optional bolt on cutting edge
  • Stocked items

KLAC C // 0.75T

DescriptionPart NumberWidth (mm)Width (Inches)Machine Size
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C0-06150mm6″0.75T
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C0-09230mm9″0.75T
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C0-12300mm12″0.75T
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C0-18450mm18″0.75T
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C0-24600mm24″0.75T
Klac C Grading BucketKG-C0-30750mm30″0.75T

KLAC C // 1.5T

DescriptionPart NumberWidth (mm)Width (Inches)Machine Size
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C1-06150mm6″1.5T
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C1-09230mm9″1.5T
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C1-12300mm12″1.5T
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C1-18450mm18″1.5T
Klac C Digging BucketKX-C1-24600mm24″1.5T
Klac C Grading BucketKG-C1-391000mm39″1.5T

KLAC D // 3.0T

DescriptionPart NumberWidth (mm)Width (Inches)Machine Size
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D3-09230mm9″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D3-12300mm12″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D3-18450mm18″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D3-24600mm24″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D3-30750mm30″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKG-D3-481200mm48″4.0T

KLAC D // 4.0T

DescriptionPart NumberWidth (mm)Width (Inches)Machine Size
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D4-09230mm9″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D4-12300mm12″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D4-18450mm18″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D4-24600mm24″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKX-D4-30750mm30″4.0T
Klac D Digging BucketKG-D4-481200mm48″4.0T

KLAC E // 4.0T

DescriptionPart NumberWidth (mm)Width (Inches)Machine Size
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E4-12300mm12″4.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E4-18450mm18″4.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E4-24600mm24″4.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E4-30750mm30″4.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E4-36900mm36″4.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKG-E4-541350mm54″4.0T

KLAC E // 5.0T

DescriptionPart NumberWidth (mm)Width (Inches)Machine Size
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E5-12300mm12″5.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E5-18450mm18″5.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E5-24600mm24″5.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E5-30750mm30″5.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKX-E5-36900mm36″5.0T
Klac E Digging BucketKG-E5-601500mm60″5.0T

KLAC F // 8.0T

DescriptionPart NumberWidth (mm)Width (Inches)Machine Size
Klac F Digging BucketKX-F7-12300mm12″8.0T
Klac F Digging BucketKX-F7-18450mm18″8.0T
Klac F Digging BucketKX-F7-24600mm24″8.0T
Klac F Digging BucketKX-F7-30750mm30″8.0T
Klac F Digging BucketKX-F7-36900mm36″8.0T
Klac F Digging BucketKG-F7-601500mm60″8.0T