The WHITES Pallet Fork Carriage range can be supplied with or without forks and are suitable for all OEM pallet fork types. The main benefit of a Pallet Fork Carriage system is that pallet forks can be changed to an attachment without any manual handling.

  • Safely remove forks without manual handling
  • Models to suit all OEM fork styles
  • Available with or without pallet forks
  • Load guard options
  • Fork tie back options; safe road transport
  • Host machine lift capacity match
  • OEM approved designs

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Part NumberTypeCapacityForks
PF4B120050mm Round Bar (JCB style)3500kgYes
CF4B50mm Round Bar (JCB style)3500kgNo
PF5A120057mm Round Bar (JCB style)4500kgYes
CF5A57mm Round Bar (JCB style)4500kgNo
CF54Fixed Bar (Merlo AG style)4200kgNo
PFB21100Fixed Forks (ITA / FEM style)2000kgYes
CF2BFixed Forks (ITA / FEM style)2000kgNo
PFB31100Fixed Forks (ITA / FEM style)3000kgYes
CF3BFixed Forks (ITA / FEM style)3000kgNo
PFB31200Fixed Forks (ITA / FEM style)4000kgYes
CF3WFixed Forks (ITA / FEM style)4000kgNo